Short-Term Care
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OmniFlex | Short-Term Care

Part of the ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series, OmniFlex Short-Term Care is an affordable insurance plan that offers flexibility, customization, and simplified underwriting. It is designed to financially help individuals who are faced with the physical challenges caused by an injury, illness, or unexpected medical condition. When a policyholder needs assistance with two or more Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing and transferring, or suffers from a cognitive impairment, the OmniFlex Short-Term Care insurance plan can help lessen expenses incurred from care received.

Plan now for Peace of Mind later when having to deal with the unexpected


Some of this product's defining features.


Prescription Drug Benefit

The policy includes a benefit of $10 for each generic or $25 for each brand name prescription drug, up to a policy built-in year maximum of $300.


Fast-50 Benefit

The Fast-50 Benefit waives the elimination period (the time after coverage begins until the insurer begins paying) and pays a first-day cash benefit equal to 50% of the policyholder's accumulated daily benefit (the maximum amount the policy will cover each day care is received).


Bed Reservation

The Bed Reservation benefit will reserve the policyholder's room for up to 10 days at the facility where the policyholder resides in the event they are admitted to a hospital, with a lifetime maximum of 20 days.


Simple Inflation Option

This add-on allows the policy's benefits to grow 5% beginning on the 6th policy anniversary date and increase by the same dollar amount each subsequent anniversary, until your daily benefit reaches double its value.





Typical Annual Cost for Semi-Private Room


Projected annual cost in 2023 for a Semi and Private rooms


Typical Annual cost for a Private Room

Flexible Benefit Options

Multiple Elimination and Benefit Periods




Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

Hospice Care Facility

Bed Reservations

Prescription Drugs



Home Health Care Rider

Hospital Indemnity Benefit Rider

5% Simple Inflation Benefit



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