Hospitalization Insurance
For life's unexpected events.


Helping patients cope with the two “costs” of hospitalization.

There are two costs to major medical insurance whenever you are hospitalized – the health insurance premium and the cost of actually using the insurance.

To help you manage the gaps left by qualified major medical and limited benefit plans, ManhattanLife offers two hospital indemnity plan – Affordable Choice and CentralChoice.



There were 35.7 million hospital stays in the U.S in 2016.1


In 2016, 13.6 million major ambulatory surgeries were performed in hospital-owned facilities.2


The average per patient aged 45-84 cost of a hospital stay in 2016 was $14,500.1


TeleHealth Consultants: 24/7/365 Physician Consultations at no charge!
Health Advocate: Expert Assistance, Medical Bill Saver, RX Shopper (Not included in child only policy).
Green Imaging: A provider of outpatient diagnostic testing services at discounted rates.
DirectLabs: DirectLabs provides ManhattanLife policyholders access to lab services nationwide at discounted rates.

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In addition to payments that help pay for medical services, Affordable Choice helps you get more for your [their] money with the First Health® Network. You get discounted rates on services provided by network providers for inpatient and outpatient services. There are over 1.5 million service locations and more than 810,000 physicians and healthcare professionals in the First Health® Network across all 50 states.




Approximately 56% of hospital stays in 2012, or 20.4 million hospital stays, were medical.1


Approximately 21.8% of hospital stays in 2012, or almost million hospital stays, were surgical.1


Approximately 22.2% of hospital stays in 2012, or more than 8 million hospital stays, were maternal or neonatal.1


Benefit exclusions and limitations may apply to the policy. For additional information about hospital indemnity insurance or any of our other quality products, please contact us or your ManhattanLife Agent or Broker.

Source for statistics: 1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Oral Health Surveillance Report, 2019; 2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Oral Health Basics, 2019